LP&R: all your business needs are results.

We help companies grow by leveraging marketing and sales decisions with data intelligence

LP&R combines technical skills in data, internet, statistics and marketing to give direction to digital projects and businesses. We generate traffic, sales and attention for your product or service. 
We go beyond the database,
we generate a database of facts.

What we do best

Marketing Management

Knowing the way and knowing who to talk to and at what time. This is a skill your company needs.

Planning, Analysis and Monitoring of all actions of Marketing through our own methodology.

Analysis of the recent past in 3 different spheres, with planning and stock adjustment.

Proposed actions and directions aligned with all the company's Marketing actions.

Paid Web Traffic Management

Lead development, brand reach and, above all, precision sales.

Make work easier for the Sales Force, delivering intentional people for trading with your products.

Solid strategies for constant growth of Online Stores. Ecommerce Leverage.

Data control and growth through Dashboard creation in real time.

Social Media Management

The traction your business needs. Definitely start talking with your audience.

Company's voice Adjustment and posture towards the market and from its audience.

Development of an editorial line with content that engages and reaches people.

Significant increase in traffic on the company's digital channels (website and social networks)


The construction of a strong brand that connects with the market generates an optimized result.

Branding and Strategic Naming. Create a unique brand and be a reference for your market.

Brand and Name creation driven by a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the target audience.

Easy and Affordable Forwarding Registration Process of trademarks and patents.

Website and

Our team builds results from your current digital ecosystem, whether institutional or e-commerce.

Websites developed to optimize traffic, scalability and also search engines.

Targeting and Building audiences through correct page tracking.

Internal content management for high search conversion across multiple search networks.

Our Portfolio

Our work is guided by our own methodologies and market analysis, which can be seen in our works presented to our clients.

Our main focus is on small and medium-sized companies, which feel the need for a professional service from a Marketing Department but do not yet have a structure set up in their facilities.

Our clients are located in major centers such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, and with the advancement of remote work, our possibilities are endless.

We are very proud of our work, as they were responsible for making us reach you, who now access our website.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did creating them.

Other Services

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